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IPL 2023 Schedule, Team, Venue, Time Table, PDF, Points Table, Ranking & Winning Prediction

IPL 2023 has been scheduled between 1st April 2023 and 4th June 2023 (tentatively). The BCCI added two new teams ahead of IPL 2022, so you will also see ten teams in IPL 2023. The IPL 2023 will feature 74 league matches with the same group stage and playoff format as the IPL 2022. Here in this article, you will get an updated IPL 2023 schedule, timetable, format, start date, teams, venue, PDF download, points table, all-team caption list, tickets, live streaming, team rankings, and winning prediction.

The defending champion Gujarat Titans should face the Rajasthan Royals in the opening match of the 2023 IPL on April 1 at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. The final match should be played on June 4 at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad or Eden Gardens Cricket Ground in Kolkata.

IPL 2023 Schedule

This IPL season will see “seventy-four” matches, which include seventy league matches (each team will play fourteen matches), two quarterfinals, one eliminator, and the final match. Teams that win six matches usually qualify for the semifinal and elimination stages of the tournament. Here are the IPL 2023 schedule (tentative) and IPL 2023 matches. We will update the IPL 2023 schedule once BCCI publishes it officially.

Date Match Centre Time (IST)
01-Apr-2023 GT vs RR 7:30 PM
02-Apr-2023 DC vs MI 3:30 PM
02-Apr-2023 PBKS vs RCB 7:30 PM
03-Apr-2023 CSK vs LSG 7:30 PM
04-Apr-2023 SRH vs KKR 7:30 PM
05-Apr-2023 RCB vs KKR 7:30 PM
06-Apr-2023 LSG vs CSK 7:30 PM
07-Apr-2023 KKR vs PBKS 7:30 PM
08-Apr-2023 MI vs RR 3:30 PM
08-Apr-2023 GT vs DC 7:30 PM
09-Apr-2023 CSK vs PBKS 7:30 PM
10-Apr-2023 SRH vs LSG 7:30 PM
11-Apr-2023 RR vs RCB 7:30 PM
12-Apr-2023 KKR vs MI 7:30 PM
13-Apr-2023 LSG vs DC 7:30 PM
14-Apr-2023 PBKS vs GT 7:30 PM
15-Apr-2023 CSK vs SRH 3:30 PM
15-Apr-2023 RCB vs MI 7:30 PM
16-Apr-2023 KKR vs DC 3:30 PM
16-Apr-2023 RR vs LSG 7:30 PM
17-Apr-2023 SRH vs GT 7:30 PM
18-Apr-2023 CSK vs RCB 7:30 PM
19-Apr-2023 MI vs PBKS 7:30 PM
20-Apr-2023 RR vs GT 7:30 PM
21-Apr-2023 SRH vs KKR 7:30 PM
22-Apr-2023 MI vs LSG 3:30 PM
22-Apr-2023 DC vs RCB 7:30 PM
23-Apr-2023 PBKS vs SRH 3:30 PM
23-Apr-2023 GT vs CSK 7:30 PM
24-Apr-2023 RR vs KKR 7:30 PM
25-Apr-2023 LSG vs RCB 7:30 PM
26-Apr-2023 DC vs PBKS 7:30 PM
27-Apr-2023 MI vs CSK 7:30 PM
28-Apr-2023 DC vs RR 7:30 PM
29-Apr-2023 KKR vs GJ 3:30 PM
29-Apr-2023 RCB vs SRH 7:30 PM
30-Apr-2023 LSG vs MI 7:30 PM
01-May-2023 PBKS vs CSK 7:30 PM
02-May-2023 RCB vs RR 7:30 PM
03-May-2023 GT vs SRH 7:30 PM
04-May-2023 DC vs KKR 7:30 PM
05-May-2023 PBKS vs LSG 7:30 PM
06-May-2023 GT vs RCB 3:30 PM
06-May-2023 RR vs MI 7:30 PM
07-May-2023 DC vs LSG 3:30 PM
07-May-2023 SRH vs CSK 7:30 PM
08-May-2023 KKR vs RR 7:30 PM
09-May-2023 GT vs PBKS 7:30 PM
10-May-2023 RCB vs CSK 7:30 PM
11-May-2023 DC vs SRH 7:30 PM
12-May-2023 GT vs MI 7:30 PM
13-May-2023 PBKS vs RR 3:30 PM
13-May-2023 LSG vs KKR 7:30 PM
14-May-2023 SRH vs RCB 3:30 PM
14-May-2023 CSK vs DC 7:30:PM
15-May-2023 MI vs KKR 7:30 PM
16-May-2023 LSG vs GT 7:30 PM
17-May-2023 RR vs DC 7:30 PM
18-May-2023 CSK vs MI 7:30 PM
19-May-2023 RCB vs PBKS 7:30 PM
20-May-2023 KKR vs SRH 7:30 PM
21-May-2023 CSK vs GT 3:30 PM
21-May-2023 LSG vs RR 7:30 PM
22-May-2023 PBKS vs DC 7:30 PM
23-May-2023 MI vs SRH 7:30 PM
24-May-2023 KKR vs LSG 7:30 PM
25-May-2023 RCB vs GT 7:30 PM
26-May-2023 RR vs CSK 7:30 PM
27-May-2023 MI vs DC 7:30 PM
28-May-2023 SRH vs PBKS 7:30 PM
04-Jun-2023 FINAL 7:30 PM